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Hermione de Paula FAQs

Hermione de Paula FAQs
The Bridal Journey – What To Expect…



Each bride experiences their own unique journey with a Hermione de Paula gown, which are all made my hand and by heart. We cherish each bride and each gown, made by our highly skilled team. We have collected together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, below, to help you to understand the bridal journey.

HdeP Brides

  • Bespoke. This programme enables each bride to customise defined elements of Hermione de Paula’s signature silhouettes and designs.
  • Art. One of a kind wearable art created uniquely for each bride. We offer an intense design collaboration with Hermione de Paula to create a couture gown that will remain exclusive to you. This might include creation of new artworks, working with different colour spectrums and beading techniques. An opportunity to create a wearable piece of art with Hermione.


Each bride’s vision and each creative journey is totally unique.   As such, pricing varies from gown to gown.  We will be able to discuss pricing with you at the consultation but it is important to have a provisional budget in mind.


We are contacted by a significant number of brides and have a long waiting list. We are a small team and are, unfortunately, unable to see everyone. Whilst we always endeavour to reply to all emails as soon as possible this is not always feasible in our busy studio. Please feel free to call us if we have not responded and it is urgent.


  • We usually need at least 8 months to complete a gown so please make sure you leave enough time before your wedding to arrange a consultation. Orders placed with less than 6 months to your wedding date may not be possible subject to our team’s availability and viability of the design. They may also incur a priority fee.
  • After the initial Consultation, we will send you a design proposal for your gown.  This proposal will be accompanied by our Bridal Agreement which you will need to agree to, along with payment of a deposit, as detailed below.
  • Our aim is to have the gown ready around 1 month prior to your wedding day for final fittings and adjustments. We can then store the gown ready for you to collect at a time convenient to you.

The Initial Consultation

  • Our studio is just a five minute walk from Seven Sisters station which is on the Victoria Line and on the overground with direct links to East London and Liverpool St. Our bridal consultations are generally held on Friday and Saturday although weekday and evening appointments may be possible subject to availability.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment - we have a strict schedule of consultations with brides throughout the day. If you do arrive late this will reduce your consultation time. To avoid transport delays, we advise that you arrive ten minutes early. When you do arrive at the studio please call us and someone will greet you at the door and take you up to the waiting area - please wait here for entry so that other bridal parties are not interrupted.
  • Friends and family are welcome to consultations, although we ask that you let us know prior to your appointment and we advise bringing no more than 3 guests to make sure you maximise the consultation time.
  • There may be a chance during your consultation for you to try on some of our in-house samples, although as our samples are often used in the press so this is subject to availability. Our embroidered samples are usually a size 10 but we also have a size range of plain styles which can be tried on for fit and shape together with an extensive collection of embroidery swatches.
  • We advise that you wear nude underwear. If you already have your wedding shoes, or shoes of a similar height, please bring these along. We need to know the heel height early in the design process to accommodate the embroidery design.
  • We understand that capturing photographs of your consultation may help you to make a decision about your gown design.  However, we take pride in our creative process and in order to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and mystery of our bridal process, please do not share your photographs on social media or in any other publicly available way.


We are a very small, very busy team dedicated to creating gowns for all of our brides.  We understand that the bridal process is very exciting and can sometimes be quite daunting.  We are here to join you on this journey, but please understand that we are not always able to respond to emails or calls as quickly as you might like us to. We have created dreamlike gowns for all of our brides - please trust us to do the same for you.


The nature of our gowns means that we use tulle which can provide very sheer coverage, even with embroidery.  As such, you should ensure that your underwear works with the gown design you choose and that you will feel comfortable.  We do not make underwear for the gowns, but can direct you to underwear options that previous brides have chosen. Please remember that you should feel comfortable during your wedding day.  The underwear you choose to wear under your gown is integral to this and should be chosen in tandem with your selection of the gown.

Payment and Deposit

  • In order to secure your gown order in our production calendar we will need an initial deposit of £1800 (£1500 + VAT) and a balance equal to 50% of the quote provided after your first fitting. So that we can cover our creative costs this deposit is unfortunately non-refundable.
  • The balance of the amount due, including any additional costs incurred during the design process, must be paid prior to collection.
  • Any subsequent costs incurred from the balance payment date to the gown collection date must be paid and cleared before the gown is collected.
  • Payment should be made by bank transfer and marked with your invoice number in the reference.

Measurements and Weight Loss

  • Gowns within the Hermione de Paula range are embroidery-heavy and tailored.  Any weight fluctuations therefore have a significant impact on the design process.  As such, if you plan on any weight loss, our experience has shown that it is sensible to wait until you are ‘body ready’ before trying on sample size styles/taking any measurements to begin your gown process.
  • Depending on the date of your wedding and whether you are a Bespoke or an Art bride, we may need to advise a measurement deadline to provide our team within enough time to create your gown. On or shortly after that deadline, you will be invited back into the studio where a member of our pattern cutting team will take a full set of measurements. After each fitting we will share and agree with you your measurements which enables all of us to keep an eye on those measurements in between fittings. If you encounter significant weight gain or loss after this agreed measurement deadline, please note that we may need to make adjustments to your gown which will be charged on an hourly basis.
  • Please notify us if you have been unwell, if you are on your period or if there is anything else which might affect your weight and measurements when coming in to be measured. This will help to avoid any false measurements being taken which would necessitate a second appointment and a potential additional cost to you.

Transporting Your Gown

  • We pack your gown into a gown bag and bridal box that is compact and suitable for carry on luggage with most major airlines. We pack the gown carefully to reduce creases and ensure there is no damage to the embroidery, we would encourage you not to take it out until you reach the final destination.
  • We advise our brides to buy a handheld steamer as hanging your gown will not get out all the creases.  Our recommendation is to put a sport sock over the nozzle of the handheld steamer to collect the water drops which may mark the fabric.

Ownership Of Designs

Please note that all creative work is owned exclusively by Hermione de Paula. For Bespoke programs the designs are not exclusive to any one bride.

Bridal Robes

We can make both printed and embroidered monogrammed robes with initials in delicate beading to match your gown. Please email us for stock or our made-to-order service.